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Intuitive break up healer & relationships expert.
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About Sofia

How can I be of service to you?

I am an energetic relationships expert and break up healer. My expertise falls in bringing you closer to a loved one, heal your heart and shift energetic blocks that may hinder your happiness and connection with a person. With my insights I am here to help you gain clarity and inner peace at moments you need it the most. Though love is powerfully expansive, at times can be very confusing. As your spiritual guide, I am here to support and light your path during painful break ups and relationship issues, and provide guidance on how to heal and mend your love life. 
Some of the questions I often get asked are: 
“Will we be back together?”
“What does he feel about me?”
“Is he my soulmate?” 
“Should I stay in this relationship?”
“What is my options moving forward?”

You can ask me anything and trust that I will always be loving, professional and confidential.
For tuning into your energy, usually doesn't take time, especially when you are open to be read. Come to me with a clear mind and an open heart. I receive guidance and insights about your situation working with my spirit guides and higher beings of light. In questions you need more detail I may use astrology, tarot, oracle or angel cards to answer your questions with honesty and accuracy or foretell possible future events.
My tendencies to exploring spirituality, astrology and card reading methods, started from a very early stage of my life. Though an incredibly gifted Intuitive, Empath and Clairsentient I haven't been using these gifts, until I followed the path of becoming a Dating and Relationships Coach and a Master Quantum Energy Healer. Over the course of the last 10 years, combining both intuitive gifts and spiritual practices, has changed and transformed the lives of hundreds of individuals of who I have been blessed to be of service. I'm here to bring healing, inner peace and help you transcend to a higher spiritual path: One that brings bliss and awareness. 
Love and healing, 

Sofia x

Gifts and methods:
Psychic Medium and Clairsentient
Tarot/Oracle and Angel cards Reader
Dating and Relationship Coach
Remote Quantum Energy Healer  

Empathetic and insightful
Listen well
Loving, kind and empowering
I type quickly.

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