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Compassionate international clairvoyant.
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About Sarah

Welcome to the world of Angel Energy! With over 30 years of experience. I use guidance from the Angels, your Guides and the Holy Spirit. Bring me your questions on love, romance and soulmate connections, on business and financial , on life’s unexpected problems. Let me clear through the chaos of your life and show you the Light that is shining on your road ahead. I inspire change driven by self-reflection. And what better time to self reflect than in this unusual reality we are all facing right now.

Miracles do happen and with my guidance, you can achieve anything your heart desires. Let me help you see your journey and make sense of whatever is confusing you. I am here for you. I want you to have peace of mind. I want to give you the kind of clarity that helps you feel relaxed. I know life seems confusing, but I am here to help. I will show you paths and opportunities you may not be aware of and instruct you on how to access them.

LGBTQIA  friendly. As you move into this new world of evolvement and ascension from 2020 and beyond - your love life can sometimes get chaotic and confusing. Is he/she the one? Is this my soulmate? . I help restore the balance by giving you clear answers about what you should do, how you should think and how to manifest your dream into a reality. I bring you the spiritual answers to what energies are operating in your life right now and how you can make the best decisions as you move forward. I use a deep sense of intuition - I have been psychic my entire life and I am very sensitive to peoples inner emotions. By listening carefully to your needs and questions, I can interpret your situation and help you to find answers to achieve peace of mind and ultimately, happiness. I also work very closely with the Angels and can help you open up the doorway to communicating with them.

I can help you find clarification regarding a love affair or on career matters as well as how to allow manifestation from visualisation to occur. I have experienced many of life's problems such as death of a loved one, affairs and divorce. I specialize in helping clients reach new levels of understanding so that they can attract and manifest exactly what they want to in their life. A Reading with me will lift the veil and remove the obstacles blocking your path. I believe if you can dream it you can manifest it.

I love using the Tarot as symbology to answer your questions. I am here for you no matter what and can help you turn your life around. 

I look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy the experience. There are some magical people on this site.

My Experience:

Over 30 Years of Experience
Tarot Reader
Clairvoyant and Clairaudient
Psychic Reader
Uses Angels and the Holy Spirit as Guide
Love, Romance and Soulmate Connection Expert
Business and Finance Guidance

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