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World renown acclaimed shaman/ psychic and healer.
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About Psychic Patrick

I am a Himalayan-trained Shaman, that shares valuable insight that is fast & clear, with No-Sugar-Coating- whilst being sincere & down to earth, offering practical advice using Psychic/ Medium abilities, Crystal ball, Geomancy, Shamanic-Trance and Tarot cards to explore all available options in order to provide accurate insight, clarity and direction in all sphere's of life.

I am a deeply caring, compassionate and experienced (with over 25 years!) Reader & Healer that tunes in well with little prompting, while being highly professional and reliable. In short, good at what I do! I am direct, honest, respectful and always aims straight to the heart of every situation with astonishing results that leaves one uplifted, empowered and realistic, ready to face the future. The glass is always half full, even when things aren't going the way one would wish them to.

The Healing Attunements offered, which consist of powerful energetic rays that are transmitted anywhere in the world, bring a wide range of treatments into your home with life changing effects that transform one’s state of mind, strengthening the aura and balancing the chakra's. Even Chord-Cutting and assistance with emotional release or psychic activations and protection is a specialty offered here. Being fully trained and initiated in the Kabalah, Yoga, Tantra, Himalayan Shamanism, Coptic Mysteries and well researched into western Occultism, Alchemy & Jungian Archetypes, leaves a broad base of experience from which to tap, which means I can assist with all matters spiritual, psychic, emotional, even helping balance aura and retune the energy body.

Most importantly, I love what I do, and I put my heart into it, I am easy to talk to, bright and full of warmth with personal magnetism that transmits confidence and inspiration, charging one up energetically and lifting the spirits. 

The kind of reader one returns to.

My Experience:

Gifted with past-life recollection, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, I had been able to know, understand and predict things and spent of his early years as a baby dreaming of past lives and watching leprechauns dance.

I was also able to see the dead and transmit psychic abilities to other children. Coming from a celtic bloodline with psychic abilities in the family, from father to grandmother and hers before her, I was destined to follow this path as a vocation. After a death experience at age three, when I drowned after falling into a swimming pool, and had the most wonderful and liberating experience of my childhood, I had noticed I could see through the veil of death too.

Initiated into the Sacred Mysteries and a developing Medium & Psychic since 1989, at which tender age, I performed my first successful exorcism & banishing of P.K. entities, I followed on since 1989 to be trained in Inner Circle adeptship by The Aquarian Foundation, White Eagle Lodge, Theosophy Society brotherhood and Inter-galactic beings from Pleiades. I had extensive training on the inner planes, and gone through various initiations, with teachers from the Kabalist University Jerusalem, lived in many ashrams around India being initiated and trained in Tantra, Yoga, Kendra, Shamanism- while training in the Himalayas with a Nepalese Shaman

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