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About Pascale

I am a psychic, an intuitive Tarot reader and a Reiki practitioner. Specifically, I pull three tarot cards to tune into the energy surrounding you, mostly using empathy, claircognizance and clairaudience to get messages through. Sometimes clairvoyance and mediumship play their part too. I specialize in relationships of all kinds: love, romance, dating, and family. My readings also include work, career, spiritual guidance and empowerment.
I focus on truth and positive guidance in all matters of relationships and work. I aim to be compassionate, kind, gentle, and straightforward. I believe that my readings are beneficial because they help people stay on the life paths that are in line with their highest good.
I started reading over thirty years ago: first for family and friends, then as a side business to my administrative career before morphing into a full time reader. I first became interested in the psychic world when someone close to me attempted to take their own life and I felt it strongly: as I was walking in a department store, I experienced an impossible to dismiss trance like state which prompted me to go to that friend's home where I found out that their doctor had called the family and informed them of what had just happened. This was a trigger and I ventured into my first tarot reading class.
My tarot and psychic exploration began in Switzerland, over thirty years ago when I took a class on the Marseille tarot deck. I have also taken online classes with Pam Coronado (psychic detective) and Gordon Smith (medium) to delve deeper into the psychic realms, using no tools such as tarot and pendulum. I am a member of the International Psychic Association. I will strive to assist and guide you in all matters of love, relationships, career, family, spirituality and empowerment. My readings are honest and l tell it as it is but I also focus on you leaving a reading feeling positively refreshed. My guides help transmit messages of calm, truth and future insights.
I hope that my clients can leave the reading with answers and instructions to find their peaceful place in life and to help you find the security that they are looking for. I am here not only to make you feel heard and validated when they leave the reading, but also empowered and inspired to take the next step to create their dream life.

My Experience
More than 30 years of Experience
Tarot Card Reader
Reiki Practitioner
Member of International Psychic Association

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