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Brings the clarity you need to follow your path.
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About Lina

I deliver truth and honesty in a calm and cool manner. I get confirmation during my readings by clients giving verbally validation and also from physical sensations. I am here to guide my callers to make the best decisions for themselves. I am here to bring you hope, bring happiness, feel calm, reassured and learn something new about yourselves. I have been through many battles in life—some I won, and some I lost. But even with my struggles, I am a very positive, outgoing and straightforward person. My readings are compassionate and I am here to comfort you so you don’t feel alone.

I am looking forward to talk about one of these topics with you.

Career and Work
Love, Relationships & Sex
Life Coaching, Family Advice
Money & Luck
Horoscope Reading

I can greatly assist you in dealing With Anxiety, Dream Interpretation, Soulmate Reading, Life Path, Naturopathy, and Spiritual Guidance. I can provide basic and in-depth Answers to your “Will he/she come back?”, “Is my partner faithful?”, “Am I on the correct way for my career?” questions.

I have the Reiki second level activation, which helps me to be connected with you using the energies and it helps me to heal your soul. I've also studied holistic medicine, which really helped me to think with my soul rather than my brain only.

My knowledge of the esoteric and my understanding of human behavior allow me to provide cogent answers and insights from many different spiritual traditions. I am here to aid my clients in search of their proper path.

I know how confusing life can be, and I work hard to ensure that my clients get the clarity they need to follow their path. Readings are supposed to enlighten, confirm and uplift. By learning the truth and gaining peace of mind, you are now pointed in the right direction.

My Experience

More than 20 Years of Experience
Reiki second level
Life Coach
Tarot Reading
Money, Luck, Career and Work
Relationships & Sex, Life Coaching
Dream Interpretation
Spirit Guidance


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