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Honest and straight forward. Using spirit guides.
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About Hazel

My gift has been in my family for many generations. Me and my children are able to connect with spirit, my guide who's name guide called Cathy, my Great Great Aunt who happens to be Irish and without her I would be lost, as well as my white snake cards and my pendulum, I trust in my guide 100%, you will get what I see from a reading not what you want to hear, I will not sugar coat as what I see is what you get. I can precisely help you see and choose which path of your life will have the best outcome for your future, correct your dark past and have a contented present.

I'm a very clear cut reader but use empathy and compassion and a great believer that around every negative a positive will come. Life on times is hard and even as a reader, the hard times have hit me over the years, but, as we all know we dust ourselves off and carry on and to do that you need the will power to make the changes. You have got to read with me if you need the Truth. And I will do it quick, direct and real.

My guide is with me all the time and can come out with random things that mean nothing to me but do to the client. She also grants me positive and welcoming energy that put me and my clients right at ease.  This is why I rely on her so much; she is a very straight down the line person so what information you will be given will be the truth and not what you want to hear. If you’re willing to play an active role in your reading and your life, you’ve found the right psychic.

I have been reading for more years than I can remember and started to read when I was around the age of 16 and I have a strong intuition since then. I can help you with new life paths or what direction you will go in, I can advise but the empowerment to move forward I can help you gain and help you trust again.

My experience/Qualifications are:

I hold an Information, advice and guidance A level gained through Cambridge university. 
I developed my gift more when within 7 years I lost 10 family members and then my gift got so much stronger so decided to give up work as a teacher.

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