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Brings clarity and a sense of peace.
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About Ernst

I’m an experienced spiritual life coach, a compass, mirror and battery-charger. I’m here to help you gain insights and help you to remember who you really are. I am non-judgemental and I offer you sincere and truthful insights in my readings. I know how to help you make dynamic changes and thoughtful choices. My aim is to deliver compassionate and uplifting messages about your past, present and future.

My purpose here is to guide you and assist you in answering questions about relationships, love, work, and career. I can also help and guide you during awakening and transformation processes. Spiritual awakening is a profound journey of inner change. It can manifest itself in a change of work, ending a relationship, or embarking upon a whole new path. Everyone has a unique and different path to walk. You are here with a certain purpose, task and soul mission.

When we are born, many forget who we are. Through upbringing and social convictions, we are brought up believing events occur in random order and that most things in life are based upon coincidence but that could not be further from the truth! As spiritual beings we are eternal, we are whole and everything is inextricably linked. By letting your mind sync with infinite awareness, expanding beyond the five senses you will be able to free your mind from programming. That expansion gives intuitive knowing, insights and seeing how things connect. Let me be your guide and help you with your personal and spiritual growth, awakening and transformation processes. As a spiritual coach, I can help you find answers and insights concerning your life's questions through my claircognizant, clairsentient, and clairaudient abilities.

During this ongoing process of awakening, you become aware of a connection to the infinite. It’s a way back home. We have endless levels of awareness that are there to be tapped into and connected with. We are energy, consciousness, awareness, all that is, all that has ever been and can be. We are all possibility.

I'm here to guide you, to assist you in recognizing and connecting you with your own intuition, potential and purpose.  I will guide you in dealing with loss, breakups and overcoming challenges, helping you to create a reality that is spiritual, deliberate and meaningful! I'm passionate about educating souls on remembering who we really are, envisioning a life filled with dreams that can now become a reality. I have helped my clients to achieve clarity, enlightenment, peace, freedom and guidance to achieve their goals. 

My hope is to bring clarity and a sense of peace. I always want to leave someone better off than when they called in. Anytime you look at something from a different point of view clarity becomes inevitable. I want my clients to trust me, not only as a psychic but as a person who they can confide in at their most crucial time of need. I also want them to look at their destiny in a new light, with joy, peace and confidence in themselves.

My Experience:

Spiritual Life Coach

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