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About Charles

I was born into a multi-generational family of spiritual readers. My gifts were nurtured in a loving environment that promoted the development of my specific spiritual skills. When I was 10 years old, I lost my sight in an accident. This was God's will because when I lost my sight, I gained a much greater sight. This is the ability to focus on the future without the distraction of physical vision. I devoted my life to helping people learn, discover, and navigate their way through the future. I am here to provide honest and straightforward reading that provides guidance and solutions for your greatest challenges. I feel I am unique and offer unique readings because I get very detailed information and I get it quickly. I have had clients tell me I get things that only they knew. I like to focus on what I can do to help them and I take my gifts very seriously.
I graduated from a major University with a 4-year Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, "The study of human behavior". Areas that I specialize in are Love and relationships, Soulmates, twin flames, breakups, marriage/divorce commitment phobia, friends, family, co-workers and careers. My objective is to guide you toward accomplishing change as soon as possible. Often it is merely a shift in consciousness, but sometimes it is nothing less than revamping everything.
If you are open to receiving the information, the information will flow easily. But if you are fearful and hesitant, energy can be blocked from flowing and can make for a less-than-stellar reading. A psychic reading is a wonderful experience that can lift you up, if you let it. My method is to use auras and energy. When I speak or chat with you, I will be able to see your aura as well as those that you want to know about. I use this technique to cross the realm of the present to experience a window into your future. I also use this technique to see your past and present. I will identify areas of negative energy around you and your future and suggest alternative paths to allow you to live the most positive life full of joy, love, and inner peace. I will promise you that I will always tell you the truth of what I see. Although I deliver all visions in a kind, courteous, and compassionate manner. Be prepared for the truth please because sometimes it is not what one wants to hear. I will help you to see your choices, gain clarity, and feel encouraged. 
I started doing readings as a child and have continued throughout my life this is a calling not an occupation. My experience, skills, and education have prepared me well to serve people from all walks of life, cultures, and countries. Going through hard times in life, opened me up to clearer vision. And a clearer perception. I like to lift one's hopes and give the guidance that they seek. I simply tell things as they are. I’m honest, but in a compassionate way so you feel empowered at the end of your reading.
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